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Hazing Prevention Consortium and Hazing Prevention Framework

StopHazing is a research-to-practice organization with a mission to promote safe and inclusive school and campus environments through provision of research, resources, and training focused on hazing prevention.

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"Jessica Payne brings talent, enthusiasm, and compassion to her work. We drew on her expertise for a number of projects related to hazing prevention in higher education. She provided valuable high-level insights to support our collaborators with assessment, capacity building, and leadership commitment to prevention. Among many strengths, Jessie is a creative and strategic thinker, skilled in drawing out nuances and understanding the complexities of human behavior and organizational dynamics."

Elizabeth Allan, Ph.D., Professor of Education, President of StopHazing Inc.

Task: Collaborate to identify an evidence base of promising practices, intervention techniques, and a program structure for the Hazing Prevention Consortium (HPC), a 3-year collective training, implementation, and evaluation program involving select public and private colleges and universities throughout the U.S. that are committed to developing student leadership strategies to prevent hazing.

Solution: Collaborate to design and deliver a training program, resource materials, and evaluation of the HPC to develop a comprehensive sociocultural model for campus hazing prevention.

Process: Collaborate with StopHazing team on operation of HPC, including recruitment; design and delivery of trainings via webinars, conferences, workshops and resource materials; evaluation of 2013 and 2017 HPC cohorts via interviews, observation, and surveys; synthesis of mixed methods evaluation and ongoing engagement with prevention colleagues to develop special projects and advocate for hazing prevention across educational and other sectors such as the U.S. military.

Outcome: With the StopHazing team, built capacity of U.S. campuses to address hazing and made pathbreaking contributions to the field. This culminated in 2018 formulation of the Hazing Prevention Framework — the first comprehensive, evidence-based roadmap for campus hazing prevention — disseminated via the HPC, online, at conferences, and through practitioners’ guides for students, staff, faculty and other stakeholders.

Broadsight's Jessica Payne co-authored several peer reviewed articles, along with Hazing Prevention Toolkit for Campus Professionals to guide use of a comprehensive approach to campus culture change and ethical student leadership.

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