Headshot of Lizzi Zhang

Lizzi Zhang

Impact Data Analyst



My superpower is Growth. From acknowledging my own struggles to constant learning and self-improvement, I draw inspiration from the wonderful people around me to find new ways to push and challenge myself, everyday.

Personal experiences and narratives are essential for fostering resonance and stronger connections with one’s identity.

I grew up near Los Angeles, CA,  a child of immigrants from China. As I navigated the often dichotomous spaces within my household and at school, I struggled to find a sense of stability in myself and in my cultural identity. For much of my life, I didn’t know how to articulate and address a feeling of misplacement within my specific home and school communities. When stories from others who experienced similar upbringings started to be more common in popular culture and the media, I began to reflect on my upbringing and more explicitly acknowledge my sense of internal conflict. The experiences we have and the narratives we share are crucial building blocks for people of all ages and backgrounds as their lives and identities unfold. My work with Broadsight allows me to be a part of a larger effort to uplift the voices of individuals with unique and varied experiences in the United States and beyond.

Centering real people is at the core of data analysis.

As a public health researcher, I experiment with novel ways of approaching knowledge production — specifically, the methods we use to collect and interpret information and make claims about our world. I’m inspired to be a part of Broadsight’s commitment to centering lived experiences in their consulting work – from establishing working relationships with clients, to putting care and forethought into shared ownership and presentation of research findings.

My mission as a statistical data analyst is to ground what I do by listening to and learning from people at the community level. I am disheartened by how disconnected quantitative research often is from the integral perspectives and experiences of real people. My role with Broadsight gives me a platform to continue exploring the best ways to relate research-based analysis to lived experience.

A comprehensive approach to science is essential for advancing a fair and equitable world.

Throughout my time as a statistics undergraduate at Amherst College, I've had multiple experiences across varied realms of science research and practice. I’ve contributed to scientific knowledge through biomedical and ecological research projects, complementing these efforts with opportunities to interrogate the social and cultural dimensions of science. I’ve partnered with local K-12 schools to implement innovative science education techniques in the classroom. I've addressed issues of diversity and inclusivity in my role as a leader of our college’s campus emergency medical response organization. Combining a critically oriented and holistic approach to the use of science is crucial to working collectively to create a more just and equitable world.

What do you need to understand to fulfill your true mission?

We work with clients at all stages of organizational growth, program development, and stakeholder engagement to help them answer this core question.