January 2023: Focus on your Impact – Energize your team – Get in the Flow State

What fosters team creativity and inspiration? 

In our team’s first business retreat of 2023, we kept coming back to the idea of a ‘Flow State.’ Being aligned–-in the right place, with the right people, at the right time–-brings a sense of inherent ease, confidence, and pleasure to collaborative work. This is what we strive to cultivate with our client projects and teams as well as our own Broadsight team.

Flow state happens when your purpose and intent is palpable, evident in what your team does day-to-day. You're tuned in, in that right place, and impact is an almost unstoppable, inevitable outcome.

Our Broadsight team is fortunate to be in that flow as the new year begins. We’re spotlighting client work that illustrates the expression of purpose in impact findings. We have new team members, publications, and projects . . . and we’re just getting started.

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Client Spotlight: Let our impact data tell your success story for you

Springfield, MA creatives of color generate original artwork with public health messages that help move the needle on vaccination rates in their city.

Our most recent impact study calls out the success of the Trust Transfer Project:

TTP  increased available information, knowledge, and confidence in the COVID vaccine and supported increases in the rate at which Springfield residents–especially people of color–received COVID vaccinations in 2021 and 2022. 

And we dug even deeper to highlight a groundbreaking accomplishment:

Black residents in Springfield received their first COVID vaccine at a rate 139.9% higher than White residents during the Trust Transfer Project 2022.

Broadsight is proud to lift this project up and especially encourage you to check out the incredible work of TTP artists, aged 12-70+!

Trust Transfer Project is a joint venture of the Community Music School of Springfield, the Springfield Cultural Partnership, and gospel singer, community leader, and TTP Project Director Vanessa Ford, to engage Springfield artists of color to produce culturally relevant artwork with accurate public health messages about community health, healing, and hope.

Painting by Susan Duncan

Trust Transfer 2022 Milestones

  • 80,000  Individuals touched
  • 5000 Event participants
  • 2850 TTP posters & stickers
  • 2042 TTP website views, 730 users, 612 new users
  • 193 Artists of color aged 8-70+
  • 108 Artworks with messages of health, hope, & healing
  • 81 Visual art works
  • 38 New organizational partners
  • 34 Past organizational partners agree to post TTP info & artwork on their websites
  • 20 Poems/Spoken word pieces
  • 5 Music recordings
  • 4 Live musical performances
  • 2 Music videos

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Learn about Trust Transfer Project and read our impact studies from 2022 and 2021.

News: Broadsight puts client successes and groundbreaking practices on the map in more ways than one

Photograph by Isabella Dellolio

Broadsight’s founder co-authors article spotlighting Springfield, MA’s Fresh Paint mural festival in the Journal of the American Planning Association.

Creativity is a driving force at Broadsight (formerly Jessica Payne Consulting) and is often a central focus of the community engagement work our clients do.

A new, peer-reviewed article by Lara S. Furtado, PhD and Broadsight founder, Jessica M. Payne, PhD, titled Inclusive Creative Placemaking Through Participatory Mural Design in Springfield (MA), explores how murals inspire experiences of neighborhood and community belonging. We’re proud to champion Springfield as a renaissance city and to lift up its artists, creatives, visionaries, and community leaders in this premier journal for planning professional across the globe, .

This article built on our 2019 impact study of Fresh Paint Springfield–the first mural festival in Western Mass spearheaded by Common Wealth Murals. We teamed up with the UMass Design Center to study the festival’s economic and community impact in Springfield

Access the JAPA article.

Learn about Common Wealth Murals and read our impact study on Fresh Paint Springfield

Art activism - Musical creativity - Health wealth - Community leadership

We’re excited to introduce our newest team members

Welcome to Cinamon Blair, BA, MA, our new Impact and Operations Executive. Cinamon will take a prominent role in our work with organizations that integrate art and cultural creativity into public health, education, and other community development initiatives. She will also oversee our business operations, streamlining organizational and team systems, marketing and communications, and accounting and finances. Learn about Cinamon.

Welcome to Caroline Gurek, BA, our new Impact Data Analyst and Operations Assistant. Caroline will play a key role with our current Impact Data Analyst Ariana Williams, BSPH, CHW, in analyzing evaluation data and supporting our projects in education, public health (with special focus on women and families), community economic development, immigration, and the arts. She has already become invaluable to our operations team, keeping us on track and fueling our growing social marketing efforts.  Learn about Caroline.


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Pictured here are from the left, Ariana Williams, Jessica Payne, Cinamon Blair, and Caroline Gurek. As a team of practitioners and continual learners, we hold monthly “Deep Dives” to explore emerging areas of interest tied to our ongoing work with clients (thanks for this idea go to client and collaborator, Emily Griffen, Advisor to the Provost and Executive Director of the Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning at Amherst College). Our next Deep Dive will focus on the theme of Ownership. You’ll hear more from us on this in our February newsletter.

Thank you Lara Furtado, Ph.D for spearheading our JAPA article and bringing our early intentions to fruition!

We extend our gratitude to photographer Camila Hwang-Carlos for a great photo shoot with our team.

And we are grateful to and inspired by our client teams and the communities they serve.

Jessica, Cinamon, Ariana, and Caroline

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