Cinamon J. Blair, BA, MA

Cinamon J. Blair, BA, MA

Impact and Operations Executive



Self-reflection is one of my superpowers - it gets stronger every day, with every human interaction, because we are all connected and related.

Musical creativity is at the heart in my life and relationships

I am a descendant of the Aniyunwiya, Chickahominy and Choctaw Nations, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY on Canarsie and Munsee Lenape Land.  As a singer, songwriter, and musician, I have been growing my creative expression over the past 40 years. I love to sing, vocalize harmonies and use music to self-soothe and to build connections, educate, and activate myself and listeners into whatever experience emerges and needs to happen.

Music has literally been about health wealth my whole life. My creative process and advanced studies foster a people-focused, nurturing approach in to human interactions. In this and many ways, I’ve been inspired by my ancestors and my parents. My mother would sway in front of the speakers while I was in utero, blasting “Blue in Green” off ofKind of Blue by Miles Davis–hyper focused on the person she was growing inside. To this day, this music is my go-to soul soother, imprinted onto my DNA, it still repairs my genetic code. I have been using Music Therapy applications for self-reflection and communal connection most of my life without even knowing that’s what I was doing in an academic or professional sense.

Harmony is how I operate and what drew me to Broadsight

As Broadsight’s Impact and Operations Executive, I oversee our business and team operations and help move our engagements with clients forward so that we function in streamlined, strategic ways. I am especially involved in Broadsight’s client partnerships related to music, art, and performance; K-12 and higher education, and youth development and leadership. Harmony and flow emerges through communication and transparency – by checking in consistently and with intention with client partners and with my work-family.  I’m a collaborator and creative by nature and look forward to broadening my musical and professional family by fostering understanding and appreciation of our Human and Cultural Capital. As we work together as client partners and teams, I’m always asking about what has been working well and how to spread that across all aspects of the work that is being done.

I’m interested in Human Connections and Interactions.

Prior to joining Broadsight and currently, I compose and perform in clubs and festivals throughout New England with my band, Rebirth. I’m part of numerous other projects, including A Dub Supreme (a reimagining of John Coltranes’ A Love Supreme through a fusion of jazz, reggae, dub, and world music) and Brown Bones (pulls from an ancestral place, yet is laced with a new audio essence and lyrical magic).  I have worked as a professional in higher education for the past 19 years.  I currently serve as an Administrative Assistant at the University of Mass/Lowell following a range of operational and finance positions at Hampshire College.

Most recently I was appointed to serve as a member and Treasurer of the Worcester Commission on the Status of Women to move the progress of women and girls along in Massachusetts. I received my BA from Hampshire College in Music Theory and Adolescent Psychology and MA from Lesley University in Expressive Therapies with a specialization in Music Therapy and Mental Health Counseling.

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