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Caroline Gurek, BA

Impact Data Analyst and Operations Assistant



My superpowers are positivity and empathy. I’m sensitive to the emotions of people around me and seek to project comfort and understanding when others need it most. And if you ever need a pep talk, I’m there for you.

Dance has been central to my upbringing since I was three years old, growing up in South Hadley, MA.

Dance inspired me to lift up the people around me. It solidified personal goals to be kind to others, to understand their points of view, and hopefully to grow my own knowledge. I carry that philosophy with me in daily life and work.

I danced in near-by Chicopee, trained and performed at the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School and as an undergraduate at Sewanee the University of the South. Dance introduced me to so many different people, cultures, and ideas and had a formatively positive impact on my life. Exposure to the oppressive, competitive aspects of the art form that I loved was equally transformational. As artists, we faced sexual harassment from directors and audience members, watched as our leaders placed the tallest and skinniest dancers in the front row, and participated in the degradation of our fellow dancers so as to elevate ourselves. These challenges taught me the value of seeing things from multiple angles, perspectives and experiences.

Listening and learning are go-to tools for uplifting ourselves and others

Broadsight’s emphasis on the collection of stories inspires me. Being an Impact Data Analyst at Broadsight since 2022, I delve into information that our clients and their stakeholders share with us to shed light on what is most meaningful to them. What are their perspectives on impact? How do they experience agency and empowerment? How do they have agency in conjuring their own cohesive solutions? As I analyze data and conduct impact analysis, participate in a working session with a client, or collaborate in the Broadsight team, my mission is to promote understanding of the impact that emerges as a result of particular program, team, or community endeavors.

As a recent college graduate, I bring direct knowledge of higher education and public health to my work with Broadsight. I contribute knowledge of student leadership, community building, and event planning to our client partnerships, building on serving for four years as a resident assistant. My training in suicide prevention, Title IX, and mandatory reporting is part of a larger commitment to building systems that support people of all demographic and cultural backgrounds.

Global perspectives are crucial to our understanding of local and international worlds

My academic interests evolved from a focus on creative expression in dance of all forms to the study of modern international political and social systems. My research centers on the impact of global economies and policies for women and families, particularly on the European and African continents. I hold a BA in International and Global Studies from Sewanee the University of South, where I also minored in economics and French. I have a business certificate from Dartmouth College’s Tuck Bridge Program. Prior to my work at Broadsight, I served in numerous administrative and research capacities related to global public health, women’s health, malaria, and the law.  I am also a latte artist, a mentor for a young woman on the autism spectrum, and a novice plane pilot.

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