February 2023: Sitting on a Gold Mine — Facilitated Ownership is the Way to Grow

Black and white overhead image of a rowing team in a boat on the water

Greetings colleagues and friends,We’re pleased to share the February issue of our monthly newsletter. Along with our regular updates, we encourage you to take a look at a short reflection on ownership by Cinamon, and Jessica’s interview on that topic with Harry Johnson, co-founder of Brothers at Bard and Brothers@ (see also our spotlight on these…

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Uncovering the Gold – Understanding the Magic and the Nuance Happening in Innovation: An interview with Harry A. Johnson, Jr.

Photo of Harry Johnson, co-founder of Brothers @ Bard

During February, Broadsight’s founder, Jessica Payne had the chance to re-interview Harry A. Johnson, Jr., a co-founder of Brothers at Bard (BAB) and its nonprofit arm, Brothers@. In 2019-2020, the two co-created an evaluation study of BAB alumni that explored the transformative power of ownership when young men of color create programs by and for…

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Strategic Development of the Hazing Prevention Consortium and Hazing Prevention Framework

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