Summer 2023: Innate Capacity for Creativity and Survival

Painting by Nelson Stevens Resilience and working with resilient people is sewn into Broadsight’s approach. Resilience is a capacity to be nimble and adaptive enough to sustain a center of gravity as one navigates continually changing environments and circumstances. This characteristic is relevant to individuals, communities, and to organizations. Our research on clients’ strengths and…

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Transforming Pain into Power through Youth-Centered Clinical and Group Work

In March 2023, Broadsight’s founder, Dr. Jessica Payne interviewed Jessica Prodis, a licensed, independent clinical social worker with a focus on supporting the healing of trauma through individual and community empowerment.  Prodis is the Founder of the Center of Resilience (CFR) in Holyoke, MA. CFR is a therapy practice focused on creating spaces and techniques…

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Spring 2023: Impact Evaluation with an Equity Lens

Looking up into a pine tree canopy

Impact Evaluation with an Equity Lens We believe that the people most impacted by a program or organization are best positioned to assess and measure impact, so these are the people we elevate in our work. – Jessica M. Payne, PhD, Broadsight Founder and Lead Consultant With Broadsight, equity is a core mindset and pillar…

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February 2023: Sitting on a Gold Mine — Facilitated Ownership is the Way to Grow

Black and white overhead image of a rowing team in a boat on the water

Greetings colleagues and friends,We’re pleased to share the February issue of our monthly newsletter. Along with our regular updates, we encourage you to take a look at a short reflection on ownership by Cinamon, and Jessica’s interview on that topic with Harry Johnson, co-founder of Brothers at Bard and Brothers@ (see also our spotlight on these…

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