There’s no better data than human experience.

Your clients, consumers and collaborators are a root source of institutional wisdom. They will always reveal the most prosperous and equitable way forward. At Broadsight, we start by listening to them. We collect their stories and turn them into solutions.

"What happens when you take those people who are closest to the problem and often furthest from the resources and position that group to lead the work and not just be objects of it? They tend to have the most creative solutions. They can see the problem, understand it, break it down, and address it better than anyone else."

Dariel Vasquez, Co-Founder & CEO, Brothers@, Open Society University Network documentary

For many clients, our evaluative approach is part of a paradigm shift

a movement towards better listening, deeper engagement, and unparalleled clarity.  Our social change leadership model uses a collaborative and iterative approach to understanding opportunities and supporting positive social change.


Engage in rigorous research

designed to uplift your organization, inspire innovation, and align with your mission. 

Bring community members to the table

to speak for themselves about their values, perspectives, and the impact of local organizations and systems in their lives.

Cultivate spaces of trust

where stakeholders feel safe, respected, and valued for their unique contributions and aspirations.

Listen deeply

to focus on strengths, ask provocative questions, and foster equitable, responsive dialogue between individuals and groups.

Catalyze data-driven insights

that help leaders make informed decisions based on understanding impact and identifying paths toward continual improvement.

Work with intersections, not siloes

to make real connections across seemingly disconnected domains.

Jessie is an incredible listener. And she listens beyond the words. She’s able to suss out the real, sometimes unspoken questions to be addressed. And she’s tenacious about reaching below the surface of things to what’s most critical.

K. D. Maynard, Senior Program Officer, VentureWell/Frontier Set

A Broadsight evaluative approach entails...

Our Ethos

Respectful, authentic, and healing centered engagement is the cornerstone of our work. We begin with the assumption that your stakeholders — team, clients, consumers, community members — are sources of wisdom. They will always reveal the most prosperous and equitable way forward.

We create safe spaces for people to talk honestly across and within differences. Our approaches to strategy are appreciative, strength-based, and asset-focused. We believe that people readily uncover bold solutions when they speak from and engage around their personal experiences, aspirations, and contributions.

We are team players and stakeholder whisperers. Our greatest strength is our ability to connect in genuine and meaningful ways with stakeholders of all backgrounds and characteristics, and to engage in team reflection. The trust and openness we nurture is reflected in unusually candid stakeholder feedback.

Step-by-Step Process

We collaborate with clients across the full scope of a project — from project planning and design, through implementation and sharing of findings with and beyond the team.

Planning and Design
We use a strategic planning model. This means that we begin every project by walking clients through a planning process that establishes a shared roadmap for our collaboration, including

  • Review background documents and data
  • Develop project plan with goals and objectives, team members, methods, participants, communication processes, deliverables, audience for shared results and timeline
  • Define goals and objectives of the organizational activity or element being studied
  • Design customized project metrics, tools, and outreach
  • Manage project roll out, progress, communication and timelines

Project implementation proceeds according to the established plan, including:

  • Networking and outreach with key partners and stakeholders
  • Engage study partners and participants
  • Conduct organizational review of practices and lessons learned
  • Carry out data collection and research
  • Process and analyze data and other study results
  • Adjust project plan as needed according to progress

Presentation of Results
We share final deliverables with you and stakeholders according to the project plan, including:

  • Share draft product or report of results and findings for project team feedback
  • Present final product or report of results and findings to key audiences
  • Coach project team on effective dissemination and use of project results
  • Develop trainings, webinars, practice guides, articles for publication, and content for website and other communication platforms

Research Methods

We draw from a full toolbox of inquiry and research-based evaluation skills, collaborating with clients to determine the best process and methods for the project and their people.

Data Collection

  • Mixed Method Design (qualitative & quantitative
  • Quantitative Surveys (online, paper, & onsite)
  • Qualitative Interviews, Focus Groups, Observation
  • Social Facilitation of Stakeholder/Community Planning & Reflection
  • Healing Centered Engagement
  • Comparative Design (tracking responses of different stakeholders)
  • Ethnographic & Oral History Research
  • High quality audio recording (for radio, museum exhibitions, etc.) 
  • Video & Photography 
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Market positioning research

Data Analysis

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Grounded Theory
  • Ethnographic Analysis
  • Organizational Review


  • Report of Findings in Narratives & Slides
  • Data Analysis Visuals & Tables
  • Photographic, Video, & Audio Documents
  • Exemplary Quotes by Topic (for use in websites, fundraising, marketing, etc.)
  • Strategy Framework Guides & Toolkits for Practitioners
  • Facilitated Trainings & Webinars
  • Publications: Reports, White Papers, Peer Reviewed Articles
  • Curated Art & Performance Exhibitions, Festivals, School Programs 


What do practitioners need to understand to replicate your successes?

Broadsight facilitates deep dive team reflection as the basis for developing replication frameworks, strategic planning models, and practice guides that innovating practitioners can use as stepping stones for replication in new settings.

Our evaluative approach builds on an array of academic disciplines, frameworks, and models that influence our work and informs how we learn and grow with our clients, including:

  • Experiential Authority
  • Participatory Practice
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Healing Centered Engagement
  • Five Domains of Wellbeing
  • Peer Mentorship
  • Performance Theory
  • Applied Anthropology & Folklore
  • Social Ecological Systems Model
  • Coalition-Based Leadership
  • Communities of Practice/Learning
  • Social Norms Theory & Trauma Informed Research
  • Bystander Intervention Techniques & Strategies
  • Public Health Social Messaging
  • Science of Prevention
  • Trauma Informed Communication & Practice
  • Strategic Prevention Framework
  • Hazing Prevention Framework
  • Treehouse Intergenerational Community Model
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