We're impact evaluators - and much more.

Welcome to Broadsight, a woman-owned consultancy focused on elevating the agency and self-determination of organizations and the communities they serve.

Broadsight team photo, January 2023

Our Mission

Broadsight helps leaders make innovative and equitable decisions informed by data and the lived experience of their stakeholders.

Our Vision

We envision a world where organizations and social systems uplift the wellbeing of the individuals and communities they serve by engaging with them equitably and responsively.

How do we define Broadsight?

An inclusive and cross-disciplinary perspective

An ability to observe, synthesize, and anticipate

A multifaceted approach to sensemaking, oriented towards horizons of possibility

Our Values

  • Equity

    Every human life and perspective has value and purpose. We reach for bold outcomes and inclusive systems rooted in connection, integrity, healing, and accountability.

  • Authority of Experience

    Wisdom and authority comes through lived experience. We amplify the unique perspectives of clients, stakeholders, teams and community members as an invaluable source of insight.

  • Ownership

    Best results emerge when stakeholders own their projects, processes, roles, and growth. We expand opportunities for internal and external stakeholders to engage, participate, and speak truth about changes, relationships, resources, and spaces that matter most to them.

  • Earned Trust

    Quality relationships inform quality outcomes. We are responsive, steadfast, and honest so as to create safe spaces where individuals can be authentically seen, heard, and connected in meaningful ways.

  • Creativity

    Solutions-oriented, strength-based approaches drive innovation and transformation. We use a positive, out-of-the box mindset to find new ways to actualize purpose and fulfill mission.

"Members of our community, they were respected. They felt important. They were held. The goal of the project was to build on community care and make people feel seen and heard and valued. Jessie did that in every dimension"

Eileen McGaffery, Executive Director, Community Music School of Springfield and Co-Founder, Trust Transfer Project

We run lean and pack a punch.

Intergenerational and interdisciplinary, our team represents varied aspirations, contributions, backgrounds, ages, and other demographic factors. We stay relevant and responsive, bringing in additional collaborators as needed so as to  deliver highly customized and collaborative results. We pride ourselves on being true partners with the clients we serve and the communities they support.

Jessica M. Payne, PhD

Founder & Lead Consultant

Cinamon J. Blair, BA, MA

Impact and Operations Executive

Ariana Williams, BSPH, CHW

Impact Data Analyst

Caroline Gurek, BA

Impact Data Analyst


Curious about how our team would approach opportunities and challenges in your organization or community?